How to Prepare Your Used Cafe Liegeois Capsules for the Recycling Bin

Recycling Cafe Liegeois Alternative to Nespresso® Capsules

While there are countless arts and craft projects on the Internet for upcycling used aluminum pods like the Nespresso® ones and companies that specialize in taking care of recycling used capsules, we have a simpler, no-cost idea altogether.

For one thing, Café Liégeois Coffee Capsule reservoirs are made of plastic. They are all the same color and do not crush in the same manner as aluminum does. And let’s be honest, making intricate home décor and jewelry is not for everyone!

As a part of a whole-house recycling program, consumers often overlook or avoid trying to deal with the espresso pods. We get it; it is messy and tedious. However, with a little effort on a regular basis this doesn’t have to be the case.

Store used coffee capsules in a container for the month. Once a month, cut the tops off of each of them and dispose of the coffee inside. Fill the sink with warm water and put all the pods in there and give them a gentle stir. Drain sink and transport the plastic cups to your recycling bin. That’s it!

A little bit of effort can make all the difference in making the Planet a more healthy place.

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