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Make Way for the Smurf Latte, A New Blue Coffee

It's about time that coffee got a new look! The new trend this summer is a vegan coffee from Melbourne, Australia called the Smurf Latte. The recipe made of coffee, lemon, ginger, agave, coconut milk and blue algae (also known as E3), a natural food colorer found in the sea and large lakes.

Though not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration, blue algae has been known to possess various nutritional benefits thanks to its rich levels of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

This turquoise coffee drink has peaked the curiosity of consumers. Indeed, many expect a sweet and candy-like taste, but are surprised when they discover the sweet but bitter taste.


A Huge Success

The Smurf Latte is not the first unique creation that has come out of this coffee shop from Melbourne. Indeed, the Matcha Mylkbar is also home to the Turmeric Latte, Beet Latte and the Mushroom Latte.

Today, this coffee shop has put its blue latte in the spotlight with the hopes of bringing in a younger clientele, and it’s working! This latte has made its way around social media thanks to its electric blue color that has been inspiring baristas and coffee lovers worldwide.

For now, the drink is only available at the Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne, so the next time you are in Australia it would be worthwhile to stop by and give it a taste.

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