DISCRET® Decaf Alternative to Nespresso® Capsules x10

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DISCRET® is our deliciously rich decaf espresso coffee. Intense but smooth, subtle but rich, you will barely notice that it is decaffeinated. A dense aroma, charged with flavor to achieve the delicate balance between the boldness of a powerful coffee and the sweetness of cream. This high-quality coffee originates from Peru.

Perfectly balanced, Café Liégeois DISCRET® Coffee is available in Nespresso® OriginalLine 100% Compatible Coffee Capsules so you can enjoy it from your own Nespresso® machine! This delicious coffee comes in attractive box packaging with 10 pods inside.

Our decaffeinated espresso has similar qualities to Nespresso®’s Arpeggio Decaffeinato with well rounded toasty notes and none of the bitter acidity typically associated with a decaf.

To find out if your Nespresso® machine is compatible with Café Liégeois capsules, check out the complete list of all compatible Nespresso® machines.

Check out Café Liégeois coffee collection for all available varieties!

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