Frequently Asked Questions about Café Liégeois Capsules Comaptible with Nespresso® Machines

Find here all the most frequently asked questions and answers about Café Liégeois compatible capsules with Nespresso® machines. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Café Liégeois Nespresso® Compatible Pods

Will Café Liégeois alternative to Nespresso® capsules work in my Nespresso® machine?

Yes, Cafe Liegeois Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules fit all current OriginalLine® Nespresso® coffee machines and will not damage or harm your machine. You can consult the list of fully compatible Nespresso® machines. Should you experience any issue using Café Liégeois coffee pods, please contact us.

The mechanism from my Nespresso® machine is a little harder to close than usual, is that ok?

Yes, the closing mechanism of some machines might be a little more difficult to close when using Café Liégeois coffee pods or capsules. Always check that the coffee capsule is correctly inserted into the machine, and use a bit more pressure when closing if required. Please be assured, Café Liégeois after market capsules are made of soft plastic that will yield easily to avoid any damage to the OriginalLine Nespresso® machines.

Which Nespresso® machines are compatible with Café Liégeois capsules?

Café Liégeois capsules fit into all currently available OriginalLine Nespresso® machines. Check our complete list of compatible Nespresso® machines here. Exceptions include Vertuoline Nespresso® machines, commercial Nespresso® machines with the flat pods, and built-in Nespresso® machines such as Miele. Please contact us if your machine is not listed.

What are Cafe Liegeois capsules made from?

Café Liégeois capsules are made from recyclable BPA free plastic that is soft enough to guarantee no damage to your Nespresso® machine closing mechanism. We do not use aluminum as it requires too much energy to be recycled easily.

What is the coffee intensity number?

Café Liégeois intensity numbers range from 1 to 10 and refer to the strength of the roast and flavor of Cafe Liegeois coffee varieties. The flavor develops when the coffee is roasted and the various strengths and intensities develop during this process. The grinding process determines the coffee’s final strength. Our intensity numbers follow the same scale as the original capsules for Nespresso® machines.

Where do the beans in Café Liégeois capsules originate from?

The coffee in Café Liégeois capsules comes from different coffee production regions around the globe. Each variety combines unique and special characteristics. Information about the origin of the coffee beans and the blends of Arabica and Robusta coffees used in Café Liégeois Capsules can be found in the product information on the packaging.

How do I redeem a discount coupon code?

Once you have placed the capsules you wish to buy in your cart, proceed to check out. Here you will find a "Discount" field at the right side of the check out form. Simply fill in your coupon code and click "Apply" to obtain your discount.

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