History of Café Liégeois

Café Liégeois, Made in Belgium!

Cafe Liegeois Belgium High Quality Coffee Roaster

Founded in 1955 by Charles Liégeois, Café Liégeois is a Belgian company firmly based on the idea of independent family ownership of all food groups. Currently run by Michel Liégeois, its mandate is to gather the best coffee beans from South America (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia), Africa (Ethiopia) and Indonesia (Sumatra), to then roast and treat them in Belgium under a variety of forms: coffee beans, ground coffee, pods and Nespresso® compatible capsules.

Very active in the european market, Café Liégeois has established a name for itself internationally as a Master Roaster, without losing the love and the quality of the product that evokes the work being put into the product by the craftsmen and producers themselves.

Café Liégeois sells its own brand all while producing for its Private Label, serving large supermarket chains. Its coffee grains compose, among others, the coffee of the third largest retailer in the world: Carrefour S.A..

Following investments in markets such as Russia and North America, the Café Liégeois brand is currently making a presence and growing within the North American market (Canada & United States).

Cafe Liegeois High Quality Belgium Coffee

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