SUBTIL® Alternative to Nespresso® Capsules x10

Café Liegeois

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SUBTIL® is our rich and smooth espresso coffee! Harmoniously balanced with voluptuous aroma and well rounded flavor. Mild and silky, this coffee of precious moments is left discovered by the voluptuousness of Its aromas, the subtlety of its blends and its perfect taste. This high-quality coffee is originated from Ethiopia.

Café Liégeois SUBTIL® espresso is available in Nespresso® OriginalLine 100% Compatible Coffee Capsules so you can simply enjoy it from you own Nespresso® Espresso Machine! This delicious coffee comes in attractive box packaging with 10 individually sealed pods inside.

A bit lower on the intensity scale SUBTIL® most resembles Nespresso®’s Volluto. Low acidity, beautiful crema and rich aroma characterize this mellow espresso.

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